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Internet Strategy & Project Planning

At the end of the twentieth century, we witnessed a blind and often irrational belief in the power of the internet. Existing and would-be businesses spent an enormous amount of time and resources developing an online presence in the belief that the mere existence of a web site was sufficient to attract hordes of new consumers, and to magically create new businesses where there were none.

The era of golden naivete has passed, and the surviving businesses have learned that an effective online presence can offer substantial benefits to existing and burgeoning businesses, provided that such online presence furthers the larger goals of the business, and has been carefully planned and executed.

We at have been planning and executing internet strategies since 1998. We will help you clarify your priorities for the internet and identify the optimal strategy to accomplish your business goals cost-effectively. We will then help you devise a realistic timeline, and assist you in allocating your resources effectively in order to accomplish your vision.

Our core approach is to ask ourselves what would most satisfy your customer's aspirations, with the full knowledge that delivering an outstanding experience for your customers will insure the success of your online presence, and your satisfaction.

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